Pet Holidays

Holidaying With Pets in Australia

What comes to your mind first when you hear the word holiday? As a matter of fact, many think of adventuring and traveling around to the new places they may have never gone before. You may have got the right destination for your family but you may have forgotten another important member of your family – your pets. In Australia about 40% of households own at least one dog, so you can carry yours after you are aware of certain things.

Few Things to be Aware of When Preparing for a Holiday

Yes you have decided to go with your pet on your holiday and it’s really a nice idea but consider the following:

  • Microchip your pet

Whether you have decided your pet to accompany you or to stay at home, you need to take that precaution of making sure that you have microchipped your pet and essentially let your contact details be updated. In addition, you can also attach an ID tag to your pet’s neck.

  • Be ready for the road trip

You must ensure that your pet is comfortable and secure while on the road. Your pet must be used to traveling in a vehicle before taking to the next level of adventuring.

  • Be careful when it comes to air traveling

Most of the pets are prone to stress and others anxiety when it comes to flight hence they need close supervision. Consider the breed of your pet and temperament.

  • Consider an another alternative

If your pet is not used to the new environment, then it is advisable you request your neighbor to be taking care of them may be feeding them twice a day.

Checklist For Your Pet

Ensure you carry all the things they need during the holiday for example:

  • their regular food
  • a familiar place of sleeping
  • restrained vehicle to keep your pet safe
  • food and water bowls
  • their favorite toys
  • pooper scooper and a plastic bag for keeping the poo
  • grooming equipment
  • collar and lead
  • carry tick wash
  • pack an extra leash
  • copies vaccination certificates

You need to take a number of breaks when traveling to give them a room to stretch and poo. Make sure your pet especially a dog is in collar and lead whenever you are going because any dog, no matter how disciplined it is, can get excited when it is in a new environment. Leaving your pet in the car is unacceptable because it can lead to it suffering from heat stress.

Holidaying With Your Pet on the Beach

In the morning you are likely to see pets especially dogs of every size, breeds, and colors playing around. Chasing the balls, other dogs and also giving their owners a great workout. Australian authorities/council gives very minimal time for the pets to be on the beaches. You are prepared to play with your pet early in the morning or late at night because those are the hours allocated for the dogs. You don’t have to worry too much about the hefty fines if your pet is clean and healthy, however, you may have pains when it comes to transport.

The days of leaving your pet at home are long gone all you need is to be well prepared, have fun and do your parking in a shade. Do a good research on which beach you can go in Australia where you cannot be fined especially if you unleash your dog. You may be asked to sign an agreement and a deposit as a condition of staying in certain campsites. Just comply it is a way of safeguarding your pet.