Pet Cafes

Dog-Friendly Cafes & Bars in Australia

With careful planning, traveling with your pet should not restrict your holiday in a certain café and bar. In case you are traveling in national parks, just drop your pet in the kennel because they are not allowed into the park; by doing this, you will enjoy various Australian attractions without leaving your four-legged family member for long hours being alone. No matter how friendly a café or bar is to your dog, you need to carry certain things like a leash, bowls, poo scooper and poo bags. Of course, you don’t want to leave the mess behind in the café floor which will give a very bad image.

All pets get excited, worried and stressed when they come into a place they are not used to; and especially dogs may become wild when they see other dogs or a large group of people. To avoid harm and discomfort to the other users of the café and bar, always leash your dog.

Dining Out with Your Dog

There are sometimes you may be just driving around and you feel you want to grab lunch with your four-legged friend. Many prefer buying the food in a fast food restaurant and drive to where their dog will also be allowed to have a share. But for dog lovers they feel very uncomfortable because they want to have that good time with their friend however, there has been an increasing demand for cafes and bars that usually offer dog-friendly outdoor services/seating. Many cafes usually allow you to sit outside and dine with your dog but rarely do they allow you to get into the café.

There are some things you should ensure as the owner of the dog before getting into the café. You should be able to access the outdoor seats without walking inside the café. Secondly, the café you are planning to go should not be serving food outside and also locate a café that offers sidewalk seating. Mostly, café with sidewalk allow dogs into their premises. You can also ask in advance the café or bar attendant whether your friend is welcome to dine with you. After you find the best café for your doggie in Australia just practice good etiquette.

Etiquette Tips for Your Dog While Dining in Café

Since you don’t want to leave behind your friend the ensure he or her is well behaved while you are dining. Take a look at the following:

  • Ensure your dog is behaving well around the people and children who are in the café
  • Always leash your friend and don’t allow him to socialize with other people unless welcomed
  • Make inquiries to know whether your friend is welcome before coming with him to the cafe
  • Keep your friend close to where you are sitting near your chair and table
  • Carry your own doggie bowl or request for a disposable plastic paper/bowl
  • Don’t tie your dog to your table unless you want your drinks to spill over. Of course, you don’t want that, therefore, tie it to your chair

Coolest Dog-friendly Cafes and Bars in Australia

Every pet lover wants to go with them everywhere they go, if you are one of them, you must be concurring with that. Fortunately, in Australia, you can get one of the best bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes where your four-legged friend is very welcome not mentioning crazy deals meant for you also. The following are some of them:

  • Café bones
  • The Vic on the park
  • Pelican Pavilion
  • The grounds of Alexandria
  • Doghouse in Victoria
  • Rooftop Cinema and Bar
  • Sassafras Canteen in Queensland
  • Goodness Gracious
  • Esplanade Hotel in South Australia
  • Furbaby in Western Australia
  • Milli Vanilli at Tasmania